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Building Use Policy and Agreement_Approved 2019
Memorial Garden Paver Order Form
Family Fun Adventure_Registration 2018
Lazy Daze Retreat 2017
Lent Devotional 2017
Together We Do More - Encouraging Generous Living
Together We Do More - Encouraging Generous Living - 2
Bishop Change 2016
Change is in the Air
2015-2016 FUMC Church Officers Revised
Appointment Announcement 2014
Ministry Teams of FUMC
Readiness 360 Survey Results Dec2013
Meet Our New Pastor
New Pastor Appointed
Pastor Julie Retires
VBS 2013 Release Form
FUMC Permanent Endowment Booklet
FUMC Building Use Form
Guidelines for Sharing Your Faith Stories
First Church Weddings
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Regular Worship SEPTEMBER-JUNE: 8:00am, 10:00am; Summer Worship JULY-AUGUST ONLY: 8:15am Outdoor, 10:00am Sanctuary