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The people of The United Methodist Church

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are building a community that
seeks to know and love God, and serve others


Dec. 11 & 18 Sundays - Advent Crafts for Kids
We will make fun Christmas crafts that will one day become heirlooms.
Dec. 14      Christmas Café ~ 7:30pm
The Sanctuary choir is sponsoring Christmas Café. An enchanting evening of delicious desserts will be served while you enjoy lively entertainment surrounded by splendid Christmas décor. Bring family and friends to enjoy a wonderful evening of music and fellowship! Tickets are $5.  
Dec. 14      Youth Drama ~ Christmas Café ~ 7:30pm
Our FUMC Youth will present “Song of the Magi, All” accompanied by the Children’s Choir and a Santa Claus visit!
Dec. 18      Christmas Caroling & Potluck - 5:00pm
Come one, come all!  Sunday, December 18 at 2:45 pm we will gather together in the Parlor to warm our voices, hand out sheet music and distribute hand bells.  At 3:00 sharp we will carpool to three local retirement homes: Colonial Vista, High Gate and Columbia Heights. See the December Skylines for Potluck details.
Dec. 21      A Blue Christmas Service - 3:00pm
Christmas can be a difficult time for many who are grieving, who are weary, who are weighed down with depression, or experiencing other painful times in their lives. Joy is hard to come by, and it may be daunting to attend regular Christmas services. A Blue Christmas service, held on the longest night of the year, is a time of healing and remembrance, a time just to be quiet, and know that you are loved. 


Sat., Dec. 24    Four Christmas Eve Services

       3:00          Barn Service Outdoors - 911 Gehr, Wenatchee

     5:00          Family Candlelight Service

     8:00          Jazz Candlelight Service

    11:00          Traditional Communion & Candlelight Service

Sun., Dec. 25      Merry Christmas!   One Service 10:00am

Jan. 1         New Year’s Day    8:00 Chapel and
                                                10:00 Sanctuary Services

Second Session Classes End Dec. 18


"Together We Do More" 
Encouraging Generous Living
United Methodists Give Much. In 2014 alone, church members gave well
over 500 million denominational and church-related causes and
disaster relief and other designated giving. READ MORE and READ MORE 2
Article from The Interpreter magazine July/August 2016 issue.









Regular Worship: 8:00am, 10:00am; Summer Worship: 8:30am Outdoor, 10:30am Sanctuary