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As people of faith, we are called to teach children through scripture, our tradition as Methodists, the Social Principles, the ritual of baptism, and our concern for families. In responding to the call set before us, we will provide environments for children to be nurtured in the faith and to grow as children of God. . . We promise "We will surround these persons with a community of love and forgiveness, that they may grow in their service to others." [Children ¶1,6, The United Methodist Book of Resolutions, ©2012]
Our children are an important part of our community here at Wenatchee First United Methodist Church. Besides Sunday School, we seek to include them in many church events, from our Faith@Work monthly mission program, Wednesday night dinners, and participating in worship through music and drama. As part of our ministry to our youth and children, we seek to help them grow into members of the church who will strive as disciples to build a community that seeks to know and love God and serve others.
Each Sunday children are invited to accompany their parents in worship and take part in the children's moment, where they come forward and enjoy a Bible story and sharing by the Pastor or volunteer. They return to their seats and after worship, they are invited to attend a Faithful Living class created just for them. Each 6-week session is different: examples: making artwork for the Sanctuary; practicing for Christmas singing/dram program; learning how to play bells; etc.
Nursery Childcare for babies and children up to age 3 is available at our 10:00am service. Stop by anytime and visit our bright spacious nursery located on the main floor at the end of the hall.
An integral part of our Sunday School program is missions and service. The children are always participating in a mission such as UNICEF, Heifer International, or projects the whole church is doing such as collecting Christmas stocking stuffers for foster children, and the collection of backpacks and school supplies.
Each summer we choose a special mission project that we encourage VBS families and our congregation to support.
Third Grade Bible Class
Rosa Eilert teaches this fun and informative class, designed to help our young disciples become familiar with the books of the Bible and learn basic Bible knowledge skills. The class is from 7:00-8:00pm on Wednesday evenings in February and/or March each year. Each child is then presented with their own Bible during worship services. Contact Tracy Faulkner Carlson, Children's Ministry Director at 663-1607 or if you would like your child to be part of this class.



In the past, each summer we offered a Vacation Bible School program for 4 years olds through those students going into fifth grade.  In 2015, we instead offered a Family Fun Camp event in the evening in August. Children, teens, and adults of all ages join together for four evenings of fun-filled Bible learning activities, games, mission projects, and crafts.  Call the church office in the Spring to learn more about this event in 2016.








Acolytes assist the pastors at the 10:30am service by bringing the light of Christ into the sanctuary and lighting the candles on the Communion table.  A yearly training session is offered to children entering the third grade who are interested in becoming acolytes.

Summer Camp

We encourage our children and youth to attend summer camp at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center in Ellensburg, Washington. Learn more HERE
Spiritual Practices for Our Children
Below is a list of four spiritual practices. Though there are many, I only included these as they can easily be incorporated into your family life.  Children need not learn all the spiritual practices described here, and certainly not all at one time. However, children deserve to be introduced to several practices appropriate to their development so they can select those practices that are most appealing to them.  Enjoy, and together with your family, grow in your faith practices. I would love to hear stories of how you share your faith with your children.

Prayers of Thanksgiving
The first prayer a baby ought to hear is a prayer of thanksgiving prayed aloud by a parent standing over the child’s crib. Having such prayers in their earliest memory prepares young children to give thanks on their own. Prayers of thanksgiving need no formal setting, and can be a single sentence giving thanks for a beautiful sunset or the colors of a butterfly. The simplicity of those prayers can play an important part in one’s prayer life at every age. As children reach school age, they can learn memorized graces. Families often have several favorite mealtime prayers, but introducing new prayers from time to time can create an occasion to talk about why and how we give thanks to God, not only at mealtimes.

Stories of the faith and the faithful
Whether parent or grandparent, clergyperson or church school teacher, we tell the stories of the faith (Bible stories) and of the faithful (those who have been disciples throughout the centuries) to children. From the time a child is willing to sit in your lap and listen or look at a book, a story can be told. Such stories should be as familiar to children as the stories of their family. Begin telling or reading simple versions of Bible stories as soon as you begin looking at books with your toddler and continue to read the Bible together throughout childhood (and beyond). Board books with simple Bible stories can grace the shelves of your nursery. Put Bible storybooks on a table or small bookcase in areas for children to see.

Prayers of supplication
The lives of young children revolve around themselves, thus prayers of supplication naturally come as they see things and conditions that they want. These prayers, while they may change in content, never leave us. As children grow older their prayers include others, such as friends, relatives, and situations they know firsthand. As their world expands, so does the outreach of their prayer life.  They pray for children in warring nations, for families without homes or food, or for someone who is sick.  When these prayers seem to go unanswered, they need the adults in their lives to help them sort out the many ways that God answers prayers.  One way to encourage children to pray for others is to pray simple sentence prayers when you see someone in need. For example, if you are driving with your child and must pull over for an ambulance, pray aloud something like this: “God, please take care of the person in the ambulance.” When you are watching the news together or your child is telling you about some disaster in the world, pause for a moment to pray together for the people affected by the disaster. This recognition that God surrounds creation and that we are in God’s hands is reassuring and comforting to children of all ages.

Music of the faith
The words of faith and the music of faith can be a part of a child’s environment from infancy on. According to Howard Gardiner’s theory of multiple intelligences, musical intelligence is the first one to be observed in an infant. The infant shakes an arm or leg to the rhythm or the music she or he hears. As you select music for the home, include songs and hymns of the faith. They will become a part of the child’s consciousness and memory long before they have the ability to understand the lyrics. Consider playing recordings of hymns, both instrumental and with words, as well as recordings of children’s songs of faith in your nursery. Familiarity with these songs and hymns will lead to singing them.

Growing in God with You,
Tracy Faulkner Carlson
Director of Education


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